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Speaking Comprehension (Form 4). Выучить 4-м классам на 20.12.

Topic I. School
Hello! My name is ____. I am a pupil of the fourth form. I go to school from Monday to Friday. We have got many subjects at school: Reading, English, Art, Music, Nature Study and Math’s. I like all subjects but my favourite subject is English. We read texts, write exercises, learn many rulers, make up dialogues and play games at the lessons of English. Sometimes we write dictations and tests. I can read, write and speak English.
Topic II. Rest
My name is ____ and I am a pupil. I am usually very busy on the weekdays. I go to school from Monday to Friday. After school I have dinner and do my homework. On weekends I help my parents about the house, walk with my friends or go shopping with my mother. We sometimes go to the cinema and have a lot of fun.
Topic III. Holidays

I like all holidays. My favourite holiday is New Year’s Day. We say “Happy New Year!” on this day. We decorate the New Tear trees and houses and have parties with our families and friends. Every year I write a letter to Father Frost and get many presents. I am always happy on this day!

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