четверг, 12 февраля 2015 г.

Совсем скоро 14 февраля - День Святого Валентина. Что это за праздник? 

St. Valentine’s Day.
Today it is St. Valentine’s Day. Boys and girls send Valentine cards to their friends. A Valentine card is a little picture. Children like to make Valentine cards. In school boys and girls make a box. They put their cards into the box. The postman opens the box and gives Valentine cards to their girlfriends and boyfriends. Children are very happy. It’s fun.
Give you answers to the questions
  • What do boys and girls send to their friends?
  • What do children like to make?
  • Where do they make a box?
  • Are children happy?

Valentine was… 
a) a king
b) a priest
c) God of Love
St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of … 
a) lovers
b) teachers
c) soldiers
St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the…
a) March, 8
b) January, 1
c) February, 14
The symbol of St. Valentine’s Day is … 
a) heart
b) red  rose
c) girl
Valentine’s cards have a shape of … 
a) star
b) flower
c) heart

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